Functional Patterns

What We Do

Train humans (you) according to their biological movement characteristics: Standing, Walking, Running, and Throwing — The “FP Big 4”.

Whether you’re seeking rehabilitation, enhanced athletic performance, or overall wellness, or weight loss, our approach aims to correct postural imbalances, reduce pain, increase strength, reducing your weight and optimize your body’s natural movement while making you stronger, reduce pain and help you lose weight.

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What Are Functional Patterns (FP)?

The core idea of Functional Patterns is to address the imbalances and misalignments that arise from modern lifestyles, which often deviate from natural human movement patterns. FP practitioners work on re-aligning the body with its evolutionary blueprint, aiming to correct postural issues, reduce pain, and improve overall physical functionality. This method goes beyond conventional fitness training by applying principles of physics to human movement, ensuring that training is not only about building strength or endurance but also about improving the practical movement variability of the body.

FP Is Characterized By:

Its comprehensive and integrated approach, targeting the root causes of physical limitations or dysfunctions. It is used for a wide range of purposes, including rehabilitation (or prehabilitation), functional training, athletic performance enhancement, pain reduction, and overall fitness improvement. The methodology has been noted for its effectiveness in achieving substantial health and fitness results, demonstrated in various client transformations and testimonials.

The Blueprint


There’s an evolutionary blueprint to all organisms, and Functional Patterns has been cracking the code in human movement for nearly 15 years.

Resulting from tens of thousands of hours in testing, we are leveraging FP methodology, syncing the physics of our natural environment to our health better than any other system out there.

Our conclusion has been to train humans according to their biological movement characteristics: Standing, Walking, Running, and Throwing — The “FP Big 4”.

By optimizing these four human functions, achieving better health is not a gamble, but an inevitability. This is what it means to train Functional Patterns!

The Blueprint Results

Before (left) – After (right)

This client had spine and joint compression from heavy conventional training. He had poor intra-abdominal pressure and a hip impingement making running painful and walking uncomfortable. 


In 7 months of training with Vero Beach Biomechanics and lifestyle changes, his issues have diminished.

FP Big 4

Vero Beach Biomechanics provides in-depth guidance and personalized training to help you integrate these fundamental movement patterns into your daily activities and specialized training regimes.

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Functional Patterns (FP) Training Offers:

A range of benefits that are distinct from traditional forms of exercise. These benefits are centered around improving the body’s natural movement patterns and include:

  1. Enhanced Functional Movement: FP training focuses on improving the body’s ability to perform everyday movements efficiently and without pain, which can lead to an overall better quality of life.

  2. Reduced Pain and Injury: By addressing and correcting imbalances and poor movement patterns, FP training can significantly reduce chronic pain and lower the risk of future injuries.

  3. Improved Posture: This training method places a strong emphasis on proper posture, which can alleviate issues caused by modern lifestyle habits, like sitting for extended periods.

  4. Increased Mobility and Flexibility: FP exercises often lead to improved range of motion and flexibility, making movements smoother and less restricted.

  5. Better Athletic Performance: Athletes can benefit from FP training as it enhances movement efficiency, coordination, and balance, all of which are crucial for improved performance in various sports.

  6. Long-Term Health Benefits: FP training isn’t just about short-term gains; it’s geared towards creating sustainable, long-term improvements in physical health.

  7. Holistic Approach to Fitness: Unlike some traditional exercise regimens that focus on isolated muscle groups, FP training takes a holistic approach, considering the body as an interconnected system.

  8. Enhanced Body Awareness: Practitioners often develop a deeper understanding of how their bodies move, leading to better body awareness and control.

  9. Functional Strength Building: Strength gained through FP training is directly applicable to everyday activities, making daily tasks easier and more efficient.

  10. Improved Balance and Coordination: The exercises in FP training enhance balance and coordination, which are essential for both athletic performance and daily activities.

Functional Patterns training is particularly beneficial for those looking for a more holistic, sustainable approach to fitness that aligns with the body’s natural movement patterns and aims to improve overall health and functionality.

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Biomechanical Related Pain

Biomechanical related pain refers to the pain caused as a direct result of how your body (bio) moves (mechanics). Due to poor biomechanics, the involved joints/muscles/nerves undergo forces they are not familiar with, causing irritation and aggravation of the area and PAIN.

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Biomechanics of a Man Running